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Thayne - Graphic ArtistA Graphic Artist creates props with graphic elements using both digital and traditional mediums. These elements may include typography, photography, illustrations, special effects (aging, texturing, etc.) and more. Please click on the images to see them larger.





On the film, Love Everlasting, there were several graphic art props that needed to be created. Items as small as a stamp to as large as a highway sign. A color scheme of red was added to many of the props that related to the theme of the film.


A letterhead, envelops and stamps were created for one of the characters who wrote often in this story.







This sign was 6 feet in length. It was hung up along side the road as the protagonist drove into the town.






A few of the characters lived in Missouri, so I created an old looking license plate. This could be put on the back of the vehicle and you’d never know it was paper on foam core.





I needed a before and after book cover for this book. I added the burn texture digitally and then actually burned the book as well. That way it had the best of both worlds.


On the movie, A Christmas Eve Miracle, I made both traditional and digital graphic art props.


This is a hand-me-down recipe card that supposedly belonged to her great-grandmother. It was created by hand and aged.





An advertising agency for this film needed a sign to help establish the location.


CEM Offices


A Christmas Eve Miracle


A change in the script, a label was needed for a Champagne bottle.






Waffle Street

Waffle Street needed several posters that would be hanging in their restaurant. I was given photos of poorly lit dishes. I adjusted the lighting, color and added everything around the plate. I had to create a surface for the plate to sit on as well as some sort of background. Of course, text was also added. I did not create the logo.




These identification cards were not used in a film, but that I created them for different reasons — primarily for fun.

Free X-Files IDI watched the X-Files again and I was curious if I could re-create Mulder and Scully’s badge.



Faux ID

I grew up as an Army Brat and so I re-created with different alterations this ID card for dependents.




StLouisPD MO

My friend recently joined the St. Louis PD and he had an ID card that looked poor. I came up with a new design for fun.






These are more examples of graphic art for various films.


crew5_whtsampleIf you would like graphics for your crew, check out this page:

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