Slowly Progressing…

I believe that as we go through life, we tend to revamp our direction. Sometimes we change our course, add new venues or get rid of others. My life has been full of changing direction; sometimes for good reasons and others have been chalked up to learning experiences.

Photography was introduced to me through a great commercial photographer; Jay P Morgan. It wasn’t his intention to have me enter this arena nor was it mine. ┬áHe needed helpers and I needed work and experiences. I started working for him while attending Art Center College of Design as an assistant; working with lighting, building sets, arranging security, scheduling vendors, working with talent and even getting the craft service table well-stocked.

After almost getting hired by DreamWorks, I agreed with my then spouse to return to Idaho to be closer to family and try a different course: photography and becoming a business owner. Running a significant photography studio lasted a few years and to make the story a bit shorter, I continued to dabble in photography while working within education and film, but now in Utah.

My photographic style has progressed and the course modified into a more commercial / stylized feel. I’m discovering my new niche within photography while I work with good friends in the industry.

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