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Photoshop class lesson

This quarter, I’ve returned to teaching Adobe Photoshop. We are now wrapping up the quarter at BEAU (Broadview University Entertainment Arts).

I’ve taught Photoshop for over a decade now and I’ve been using the software for double that amount of time. But, I remember when I first started teaching in 2000 at Glendale Community College in California. I thought I knew the software, but then when I found out that the majority of my students were either from the animations houses (Disney, Dreamworks, etc) or were other professionals with a lot of experience, I had to step up my game a ton! I made sure that I knew the program and that I integrated art principles even more so than just teaching the application.

Created for Love Everlasting
Created for Love Everlasting

I got into mimicking and creating believable faux imagery, such as this license plate. This came in handy, especially for film projects. This plate was printed on foam core, but if you were looking at in your hands, you would believe that it was a weathered plate from Missouri. I also used this concept in photography and other art projects.

Now, I teach the basics of these techniques to college students. The art work above is a basic example for their final project. It is inspired by the works of Mondrian and prints found on the walls of various businesses.

Next quarter, I will teach Advanced Photoshop.

Last quarter, I was asked by BEAU if they could film me for one of their commercials. They were doing various films of each their teachers. I feel more comfortable behind the camera, but I said ok.

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